What's In The Box?

December's Box

Mayfield Spiced
Clementine Gin

Mayfield Spiced Clementine is made with a delectable range of ingredients including the distillery’s signature botanical, wild Sussex hop. Others include lemon peel, orange peel, nutmeg and - you guessed it - clementine, which along with the citrussy Sussex hops, give the gin its 20/20 flavour and original tang.

Mayfield’s label is inspired by the tales of English bishop St. Dunstan and the Devil, depicting one famous incident in which the saint became so frustrated, he pinched the Devil’s nose with a pair of red-hot tongs. To this day, these have been preserved in Mayfield’s St Dunstan’s Church.

January's Box

Burleighs Enchanted Woodland Gin

To kick off the new decade, and created specially for our Giniuses, we’re so excited to introduce Burleighs Enchanted Woodland Gin! It’s vibrant, herbaceous and refined at the same time, so grab a glass and read on.

The distillery’s story is one of chance: on a walk through the woodlands of outer Leicestershire, Master Distiller Jamie Baxter discovered a wealth of unique botanicals that seemed fitting for a new gin he was planning. He returned from the forest armed with bunches of dandelion, burdock and silver birch - primed and ready for some serious experimentation.

In addition to Burleighs classic botanicals, Enchanted Woodland is infused with bilberry, dandelion, burdock and elderberry. On the nose, it is sweet, with winter berries and hedgerow flowers. The palate is very drinkable, with a well-balanced herbal sweetness and smooth plummy notes. 

February's Box


Of course - we're not going to tell you what you're going to get in your February box. But we'll give you a little clue towards the end of the month!