What's In The Box?

May's Box


A Northern favourite, the humble Manchester Tart typically consists of raspberry jam, custard, flaked coconut and Maraschino cherry. Didsbury’s interpretation stems from Mark & Liam’s school days, where it was served up as pudding (alongside the classic sprinkle-covered tray bakes and angel delight. Yum!)

Sweet and heavenly, this month’s pink gin is distinctively fruity on the nose thanks to its vibrant raspberry base, with added vanilla and coconut for a fresh, mellow (and very drinkable) palate. Plus, balance the sweetness with Lixir’s Classic Light Indian Tonic - or go for the Lemon & Elderflower for the ultimate fruity serve!

June's Box

Lola y Vera Clásica

There are a total of five licensed craft distilleries in Spain now, and this one is passionate about craftsmanship: ’Santamanía’ is actually the Spanish term for ‘obsessive’, which gives some insight into their high attention to detail.

Each bottle is made and hand-signed on-site, in batches of no more than 1000 bottles for excellent quality control. As well as their signature Temperillo grapes, spanish botanicals are used where possible, including their locally-grown lemons and limes.

Fresh and floral on the nose, the gin boasts a rounded, herbal palate. Makes sense, seeing that the botanicals include coriander, cassia, liquorice, green anise, ginger, orange & lemon peel, and sunflower seeds for added earthiness.

July's Box


Of course - we're not going to tell you what you're going to get in your July box. But we'll give you a little clue towards the end of the month!