What's In The Box?

The July Box

Portobello Road Gin & The Distillery - King Theodore of Corsica Gin & Longflint Ready To Drink Cocktails

In the very first official box from The Gin Club was a bottle of King Theodore of Corsica Gin - a Mediterranean inspired gin from the gents behind Portobello Road Gin's side project, The Distillery. A collection of limited edition house spirits available exclusively from their home on Portobello Road, this versatile and vibrant salty spirit which evokes memories of supping delicious and herbaceous G&Ts beside the Med. Coupled with two flavours from cult ready to drink cocktails, Longflint: the Hibiscus Gin Tonic, which turns cold-brewed hibiscus flowers, lime water and natural  quinine into a beautiful Spanish style  gin and tonic packed full of red stone fruit flavours; and the lighter Negroni Sbagliato - which uses prosecco instead of the traditional gin as well as Sicilian blood orange juice, 

The August Box

To Be Announced

Of course - we're not going to tell you what you're going to get in your August box - we don't want to ruin the surprise! But here's a little clue, it's a brand new gin from the biggest Distillery in Italy who've been producing spirits since the early 1800s but haven't stepped into the gin world before. The flavour is an intriguing and fruity flavour, inspired by the company's heritage. The bottle will be available EXCLUSIVELY via The Gin Club throughout August - you really can't try this gin ANYWHERE ELSE.