What's In The Box?


Orange Gin

This brand new gin from London favourite, City of London Distillery, is distilled in the heart of the city’s Square Mile and is inspired by the old rhyme “oranges and lemons, say the bells of St Clements” – which the team can hear ringing through the city as they create this little beauty.

Delightfully vibrant, this Murcian Orange Gin bursts with notes of orange marmalade and warming spices, which then give way to a long juniper finish.


Mór Black Edition Irish Gin 

From the Arderin Distillery in Tullamore comes this new expression from Irish gin, Mór. Traditionally, whiskey has been the spirit industry that Ireland championed, but due to the recent gin renaissance, Irish gin distillers have begun to make waves – taking a share of the rich Irish distilling history.

Gaelic for big, their M.O. is big flavours in small batches shaped by people, craft and innovation. Their botanicals are collected by hand from the beautiful Slieve Bloom mountains, and made with fresh mountain water.

September Box - The Gin Club


To Be Announced

Of course - we're not going to tell you what you're going to get in your February box. But we'll give you a little clue towards the end of the month!