The Gin Club

We'd had a few G&Ts when the idea for The Gin Club was planted - grown out of a shared belief that small, craft gin distillers & distilleries should be supported. That discovering new & innovative flavours of the good stuff should be encouraged. That you can never have too many gins. And, finally, that in the gin community if one person achieves success and growth, well, that's a success and growth for the category as a whole. 

Our small team of passionate drinks industry veterans, spurred on by this stance and lucky enough to have the means to act thanks to our friends at 31DOVER (and lubricated enough to think big) - realised we could create something to get more people tasting more gins, and lend a hand in introducing the curious consumers and discerning drinkers of the UK to some of the most amazing craft gins that we could find from around the world - easily and efficiently. 

The first box from The Gin Club shipped out to our friends and family in June 2018 and filled with bottles of The Best Gin In The World - start as you mean to go on, hey.

Do you believe what we believe? Become a Ginius & support your local gin gang. 

Want to buy last month's gin? Or shop for other drinks? Head over to 31DOVER to shop their collection of exciting & intriguing craft spirits from around the world.