March Gin: Brentingby Black Edition


March is here and while we were expecting Spring, we've unfortunately got Storm Gareth. But good news, there's a new bottle of gin to lock yourself away with until the blossom starts to bloom and we can stop wearing 284758 layers. 

This month's gin is Brentingby Black, a brand new distillation (that you’re the first to get your hands on) that is a modern take on the classic London Dry style. Its juniper dominance is as at home in a G&T as it is in a classic cocktail; and it is made with botanicals that have been inspired by the great British countryside, like ginger & meadowsweet.

We’re big fans of Brentingby Gin - they are the epitome of craft distilling. Everything that comes out of their distillery is hand crafted, and that includes the Still that they use to create the gin! Owner Bruce Midgely designed and created his custom 10 plate copper column Still from scratch - fondly naming her Ayanda, which is the isiZulu word for 'augment', inspired by his South African roots.

The name Brentingby comes from the quaint hamlet in which the distillery is nestled, which is close to the famous food capital of Melton Mowbray; home to pork pies and Stilton cheese. This specialised food-making prowess is what inspired Bruce to take the plunge into gin, and add to Melton Mowbray history.

Keeping things green, Bruce has committed to making his brand as sustainable as possible in the next few years, and is now powering his distillation by wind power from the neighbouring wind turbine - what a good first step!

If you want to get your hands on another bottle of Brentingby Black, it'll be on 31DOVER at the end of March, or if check out the rest of the Brentingby range, their classic gin is a triumph in a beautiful bottle!